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1. What is quantum energy healing?

A~Quantum energy healing is a holistic approach to healing that focuses on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. It draws on the principles of quantum mechanics and conscious intention to help people achieve optimal health and wellness.


2. What is entity removal?

A~Entity removal is a process of releasing negative entities or energies that are holding people back. These entities can take many forms, including ghosts, demonic entities, and negative attachments.


3. What is a spiritual life coach?

A ~ A spiritual life coach is a professional who helps people connect with their spiritual selves and find meaning in their lives. They draw on a variety of modalities, including energy healing and life coaching, to help clients achieve their spiritual goals.


4. How can I connect with Sharma Pillay?

A~You can connect with Sharma Pillay by visiting her website: or social media profiles. She also offers one-on-one coaching and healing sessions for those seeking in-depth guidance.


5. What should I expect from a quantum energy healing session with Sharma Pillay?

In a quantum energy healing session with Sharma Pillay, you can expect to receive individualised attention and guidance. Sharma will work with you to identify any blockages entities or limiting beliefs that are holding you back and will provide you with tools and techniques to overcome them.


6. Can Sharma’s work be done remotely or do I need to meet with her in person to get the benefits and results?

A~ people can benefit from Sharma’s skills both remotely and in person, with the same level of quality and effectiveness, which makes it easier for people who do not live within the country and her region to save on travel expenses, which they can use on remote Session time with her.