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About Sharma

Many people go through life feeling stuck, lost, and disconnected from their spiritual selves. However, there are individuals like Sharma Pillay who dedicate their lives to helping people reconnect with their inner selves.

Sharma Pillay is a renowned international quantum energy healer and teacher, entity removal specialist, and spiritual life coach who has made a significant impact and helped countless people transform their lives.
Her passion for helping people overcome their past traumas, emotional barriers, and physical ailments by taking them through the journey of self-discovery and self-healing is unparalleled.

In this Bio, we’ll share her life, work, and the accomplishments of Sharma Pillay.

Early Life and Background
Sharma Pillay was born in the UK 🇬🇧 and grew up in a family that emphasised the importance of spirituality. As a child, Sharma was highly intuitive and had an innate ability to sense the energy around her. Sharma’s early experiences with energy healing and spirituality led her to explore these concepts more deeply and to pursue a career in quantum energy healing and life coaching.

Career Summary
Sharma Pillay’s career as an international quantum energy healer and teacher started after she had a pivotal life challenges and experiences around health and spiritual discord. During these experiences, she had the realisation that the universe has a purpose for all life and there are more parts, layers and aspects to a human being than is traditionally being taught and understood. Soon after, she embarked on a spiritual journey that led her to train and work hard for her own self-mastery reflexes.

Quantum Energy Healing and Life Coaching
Sharma’s work as a quantum energy healer and life coach is a superior blend of powerful transformative energy healing, empowerments, intuitive work, coaching and mentoring; all designed to help people reconnect with their inner selves and tap into their full potential.
Her approach is highly individualised and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Through her work, as a Reiki and Sekhem Master, Quantum Alignment Healing work, NLP practitioner and other healing modalities, Sharma helps her clients overcome and release negative emotions, beliefs, entities, and or energies that are holding them back so they can achieve their life goals and confidently continue their spiritual practices.

Entity Removal
As an entity removal specialist, Sharma helps people release negative entities or energies that are causing them harm. These negative entities can take many forms, including ghosts, demonic entities, and negative attachments and or thought forms that may be lingering or lurking within the different layers of one’s own energy systems. Sharma’s work in this area is particularly important for people who feel stuck or stagnant in their lives despite all the hard work and focus they have applied but can’t seem to figure out why there is no momentum happening to achieve their goals.

Spiritual Life Coaching
Along with her work as a quantum energy healer and entity removal specialist, Sharma is also a spiritual life coach. She uses her training and experience to help people connect with their spiritual selves and find meaning in their lives. Her coaching sessions are highly personalised and designed to help clients achieve their material and spiritual goals.

Excellence That Speaks for Itself
Sharma Pillay is an accomplished quantum energy healer, entity removal specialist, and spiritual life coach. Her unique approach to healing has helped countless people transform their lives and reconnect with their inner selves. If you’re looking for guidance and support on your spiritual journey, Sharma Pillay is an excellent resource.