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Remote Personal Clearing & Protection

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We are all being tested with our own spiritual fortitude at this time. We have the choice to either step up and find a solution for our fear, or continue to be controlled by outer influences and constantly live in a low vibrational state. 

Not everyone is ready to understand that they are powerful enough to override anything within this reality. 

We are powerful beings of light, and we can decide what affects us and what doesn’t. Most of us just aren’t aware of how incredibly strong and resilient we are.



Quantum Matrix Alignment Energy Healer & Teacher

Over 20 Years Experience

Transformative Energy Healing

Negative Entity Removal Specialist

Spiritual Life Coaching 

5D Mentoring 

Quantum Matrix Alignment Energy Healer & Teacher; S.N.H.S.  Nutri, Irid, Psych & Couns., Sekhem, Reiki, Reiju, Cartouche Mastery, Master Teacher.

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